Cultural heritage holidays

Cathar castles, medieval towns, Cistercian abbeys and much more...

Quéribus and Peyrepertuse are just two of the Cathar castles you can easily visit while staying here. And together with the abbeys of Fontfroide and Lagrasse, the sandstone fortress at Salses, culture vultures will have plenty to do and see...

The old medieval city of Carcassonne is a spectacular sight and the old centre of Perpignan much of which is pedestrianised is also well worth a visit. Narbonne has a canal running through it and the Canal du Midi is not far away.

Modern art enthusiasts will enjoy the Salvador Dali museum in Figueres (1hr) and the Museum of Modern art in Céret has some wonderful exhibitions.

And there there are always the lovely Languedoc wine-making villages, such as Fitou which provide endless opportunities to explore and taste the local wines!


Cathar castles

This figure of eight trip takes you through some spectactular scenery and gives you an opportunity to see for yourself at close quarters the well known sights of cliff top castles at Queribus and Peyrepertuse. There is great restaurant in Cucugnan if you fancy lunch out and on the way back, if you can fit it in, the lesser well known and more intimate Aguilar castle is also worth a visit.


Abbaye de Fontfroide
Cistercian Abbey + honey producer

The former inhabitants of this superb, now privately owned, Cistercian Abbey once worked a vast area of farmland. There is a restaurant and boutique on site and the abbey also makes wine. The rose garden is quite spectacular and can be visited separately. On the outskirts of Montséret you can also visit a local honey producer, where you can taste a wide range of different honeys, as well as a honey mead and a number of types of gingerbread.


Market town, abbey, local produce

This day trip takes you to the lovely and well preserved market town of Lagrasse, which boasts an impressive abbey. On the way back you might want to visit a shop run collectively by a group of local food producers in Villerouge Terménès with a range of produce ranging from olive oil to herb cordials, cheese and of course wine!


The Fortress at Salses
half day

This Vauban inspired red fortress with its pepper-pot towers is a stunning example of military architecture. Protecting the northern border of the realm of the Kings of Majorca, the fortress became obsolete when the Roussillon became part of France. It now houses a very impressive collection of modern art. There are guided tours in English at certain times. You can extend this trip if you wish, to visit the abandoned, but partially restored village of Perillos, tucked away in a hidden valley behind the Catalan village of Opoul.