Mediterranean wild flower holidays in the Languedoc

Feuilla is in a biodiversity hotspot...

This limestone area hosts a good range of Mediterranean wild orchids and the Aude county boasts a total of nearly 90 species including the endemic Ophrys corbariensis - a native to Feuilla!

There are also plenty of other wild spring flowers to be seen in the local garrigue, including the delightfully delicate wild tulip, dwarf iris, wild narcissus and tassel hyacinth to mention but a few. Their discreet but impressive display makes this a wonderful base for a Mediterranean wild flower holiday in spring.

Visit Feuilla's amazing botanical garden, the Jardin de Fontcaude, home to an extraodinary collection of agaves, cactii and other plants, shrubs and trees. The cacti are at their best in the second half of May and we can arrange a guided tour.

Spring 2017 Update: The wild flowers should be particularly spectacular this spring thanks to good rains in February! So click on the link above to check the calendar and send us your enquiry...

Spring 2017 Special Offer
"Mediterranean wild flower holiday in the Coastal Corbières, Languedoc"
• 225€ per person for a group of 4
• Includes 5 nights B&B, a 3 course welcome dinner and 1 picnic each
• Access to our library of field guides to the orchids and wild flowers of the Western Mediterranean
• You also have the option of hiring the services of a botanist.
• Valid in March and April 2017

March, April and May
are the best months for flowers. Click here for availability in the spring.

Below are a few suggestions for good flower walks, but depending on when you decide to come and stay, we will give you up to date information. You can also hire the services of a botanical guide.


Half day on l'Ile de l'Aute
10€ extra per person: 1-2 hours easy walking

A short boat trip (weather permitting) gets us to a small island in a coastal lagoon which has a good range of mediterranean wild flowers and a site of Spanish Iris. Great views across the lagoon to the old fishing village of Bages.


Wild flowers on the Plateau de Leucate
2-3 hours easy walking

I spent most of my first winter in the area wandering around this plateau (a Natura 2000 site of special natural interest). Plenty of dwarf iris and narcissus as well as a good selection of orchids (barlia, fusca, socolopax, aranifera, lutea) and one year I found a broad leaved helleborine.


Wild flowers around Feuilla
2-3 hours moderate walking

The old 'chemin du facteur' or postman's walk takes us down the valley and then up onto a shoulder where we should find white asphodels, aphyllanthes monspeliensis, pyramidal orchids, thyme and phlomis. Good chance of spotting an eagle too!


Guided visit Sentier de Foncaude botanical garden
10€ extra per person: 2 hours easy walking

This garden represents 20 years of patient planting and the result is a spectacular array of thousands of cacti, agaves and other interesting species nestled into a south facing rocky hillside. May usually provides the most spectacular flowering cacti but this garden is worth a visit at any time of the year. Dominique Jalabert's collection of agaves is classified of national interest and is one of the largest collections in France.

N.B. All of the walks listed in the walking section will also provide an opportunity to see a wide range of wild spring flowers in season.